A while back Danny Thomas did a photo shoot with a wonderful lady, model and actress named Star. She was at the time, almost exactly 9 months pregnant.

Star was constantly tired and it was very difficult for her to do the shoot due to the pregnancy. However, being the professional that she is, and the dedicated and strong willed person that she is, she managed to do the entire shoot!

And we at Ladies Of Ohio are all grateful to her and to Danny Thomas for allowing us to see her just before she gave birth to her son. We will be getting some beautiful pictures of this future Ladies Of Ohio model.

We love pictures of pregnant women. Pregnant women are just to truly beautiful. Danny Thomas once said, “Pregnant women? That’s what this world is all about.” We couldn’t agree more. Until we can get them up, here is a sneak preview of this lovely, adorable and very sexy lady! In video no less! Thanks Danny Thomas!

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