Kendall Rae

Our Newest Ladies Of Ohio

We would like you to meet our next Ladies of Ohio, Kendal Rae.Kendall is an accomplished model, actress and dancer. We can’t get enough of her. She is just such a joy to watch, talk to, and generally be around. She is fun! with a capital FUN!

Kendall hails from around Youngstown. She is sweet with an air of innocence about her. While having an inner devil that adds spice to her personality. She is vivacious but acts coy. She is flirtatious yet demur. She is, in a word, sexy.

We instantly fell in love with her and we think you will too. If it is her engaging eyes, her sweet smile, her infectious laugh or her attractive looks. We hope you enjoy meeting her as much as we have.

Please let us know what you think of this Ohio Treasure


Our First Ladies Of Ohio!

The first of our Ladies of Ohio

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LauraWell, in anything there has to be a first. And our first Ladies of Ohio is about the most wonderful girl you will ever meet. Ok, we admit it, we are prejudice! We here at Ladies Of Ohio are just completely taken by Laura. She is the whole package. Intelligent, loving, talented and last but certainly not least, one of the prettiest girls around. Her beauty pours out, and we don’t mean just her looks. She is a beautiful person both inside and out. And believe us, if you meet her in person, she is even more awesome and more beautiful then any photo can show.

Laura is a novice at modeling. This was her very first photo shoot. She had a great time and you can bet that she will be back for more. She is very sexy and loves to dance. We even have some video of her dancing. And let us tell you one thing, that girl can really dance. And she seems to just love it. And you would never guess, we love watching her dance! WOW! A sweet treat indeed! Candy for the soul (OK, the eyes too).

One other thing about Laura. She is an artist. An extremely talented artist. Why she is not selling art for millions of dollars we don’t understand. She should be doing something related to creating art. She has more artistic talent than anyone we can think of. One day maybe we can all experience the wonder of her artistic talent. In the mean time, we are excited that she is modeling for us. Guess we can settle for that. For now.

Laura hails from the area near Kent State University. If you know Laura congratulate her. If you don’t, and we are sorry you have not had the pleasure, enjoy meeting her and getting to know her here on Ladies of Ohio. This is the first of several photo shoots we are doing with Laura. Expect more of this fantastic Ohio Treasure.

If you would like to comment on Laura in general, please do so here.