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 Welcome to Ladies Of Ohio!

A Tribute to Ohio’s “Girls Next Door”!


You know “The Girls Next Door”… Maybe …

  • you admire her quietly from afar
  • you are her  best friend
  • she is your best friend
  • she is the girl you are dating
  • you are in love with her
  • she is your wife
  • you are the shoulder she cries on

But no matter what — she has been, is now and always will be — special to you

She is that hidden treasure

  • on the next street
  • down the block
  • right around the corner
  • or — perhaps — if you are very lucky — just over the fence!

We here at Ladies Of Ohio consider it an honor and a privilege to know her and work with her. We are proud to show that Ohio truly has some of the most awesome and lovely women in the world! We therefore take great pleasure to dedicate this website to Ohio’s very own “Girls Next Door”…

The Ladies Of Ohio!

Recent Posts

Kendall Rae

Our Newest Ladies Of Ohio

We would like you to meet our next Ladies of Ohio, Kendal Rae.Kendall is an accomplished model, actress and dancer. We can’t get enough of her. She is just such a joy to watch, talk to, and generally be around. She is fun! with a capital FUN!

Kendall hails from around Youngstown. She is sweet with an air of innocence about her. While having an inner devil that adds spice to her personality. She is vivacious but acts coy. She is flirtatious yet demur. She is, in a word, sexy.

We instantly fell in love with her and we think you will too. If it is her engaging eyes, her sweet smile, her infectious laugh or her attractive looks. We hope you enjoy meeting her as much as we have.

Please let us know what you think of this Ohio Treasure


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